Our Magnetic lifters

Magnetic beams

Are applicable to lifting and moving of sheets, piles of sheets, beams, pipes, and axles made of steel. The rapid fastening and detaching make the beam extremely effect tool for handling steel. Single sheets can be distributed from the stack to various places.

The equipment is optionally available with swivelling magnets and beams as well as manually operated or motorised telescopes.

The magnets are controlled either separately, in groups or all together.

The beam and magnets can be controlled alternatively through the pendant control box of the crane or by using the radio control.


Development plan (Strategy)

  • You can start by bocking meeting with us from the link below.
  • During meeting we ask few questions and collect information to understand which is the best solution that solve your problem.
  • We try to understand what your next goals is and get more specific on the problem you need to solve.
  • Creating first prototype of lifting device and discuss it with you on how we can optimize to get best result.
  • Defining right budget and delivery time for your lifter.
  • After we agree all the technical details and measurement then we design offer drawing that describe best your desired lifter.
  • Finally giving you the quotation with all details that already agreed during discussion phase.


  • Speed up product flow by eliminating bottleneck.
  • Prevent employee accident.
  • Less personal is needed to move product that will impact operation cost.
  • Saving in factory space to store products.
  • Prevent product damage from surface scratch and bending.
  • Keeping your customer happy by providing them with world class quality product without any scratches or damages.


  • We offer different models varies from standard ready design to customized to customer special needs.
  • Our electromagnets designed to lift stacks, thin sheets, thick plates, and flame-cut pieces. also, can be used for lifting most types of plates. ingots , pipes, profiles, and reinforcing steel, coils and Billets.
  • Voltage failure or SUDDEN ELECTRICAL cut does not drop the load during lifting. Power supply during a voltage failure is ensured with lead batteries.
  • Lead battery system can be equipped with heaters for cold weather environment.
  • Releasing and tipping is designed with a two-step control process for security reason to prevent human errors.
  • The magnetic beam is controlled easily and accurately with a radio control device.
  • Gripping even uneven surfaces.
  • Adjustable lifting force which can be used to lift one plates at the time or several plates by increasing and decreasing lifting power.
  • The device can be used by only one person.
  • Quick gripping and releasing of plates.
  • Electromagnets force is tailored and designed to suit the application and product types weight and dimensions.
  • Extendable solutions with telescope.
  • We can lift product up to 60 tons.
  • We offer internet of things IOT, with different options.

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